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More information about 3DBrowser Light Edition, the software that allows to visualize your 3D files (Lightwave, Wavefront, Maya, 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Sketchup, Modo, XSI, Collada ...) and view your images (psd, tiff, raw, bmp, tga, exr,...). Learn more about 3DBrowser Image Edition, a software the allows to view, organize, edit your pictures (over 60 image formats recognized such psd, tga, bmp, tiff, jpeg, png...). 3DBrowser Image Edition handles your file metadata (XMP, IPTC, EXIF) and recognizes the RAW and HDR (EXR) files making it an ideal tool for designers and photographers. More information about 3DBrowser for 3D Users, a software for reading and writing many 3D file formats (Max 3ds Max, Lightwave LWO, LXO Modo, SKP Skeptchup, X DirectX MB Maya, Wavefront OBJ. ..), viewing your scenes using an OpenGL view, manage, organize and convert your images and your scenes, as well as many tools that make it a masterpiece of your graphic pipeline. Learn more about 3DBrowser for 3D Users + Polygon Cruncher. This version includes Polygon Cruncher as a stand alone product and as plugin for 3DBrowser, making possible to simplify your most complex 3D models. Scenes with millions of polygons can be optimized without loss of details in an interactive way or using a batch process.
View your 3D files and your images with 3DBrowser Light Edition. This version recognizes more than 60 image formats, as well as most of the 3D file formats.

The software extends Windows Explorer capabilities and allows thumbnail preview for all recognized files.
3DBrowser Image Edition is dedicated to graphic artists and digital camera users.
You will find the features you need to edit, convert but also batch process, print your images or manage your file metadata (XMP, IPTC, EXIF).
The RAW or HDR format support are an asset to the most demanding graphists.
3D Browser for 3D Users is the full version of the software that provides all the tools to view, convert and organize your pictures and your 3D scenes.
The ability to convert most of 3D file formats (FBX, Cinema 4D, Wavefront, Sketchup, Lightwave, Modo, 3ds Max, Maya...) and the large set of tools for editing, printing, batch processing will make 3DBrowser a central piece of your graphic workflow.
This version adds Polygon Cruncher as a plugin and as a stand alone software to 3DBrowser for 3D Users.
You can optimize your meshes interactively using the OpenGL viewer.
The batch optimization module exports your scenes at different level of details.
The 64-bit version simplifies huge 3D scenes that can contain millions of polygons.